Friday, January 14, 2005

"Gee Brain - What are we going to do tomorrow night?"


I might not agree with much else of what I've seen on this site, but this post expresses a sentiment I *can* relate to. Mind you, I suspect my own reasons for considering the UN irrelevant differ considerably from those of the Martinipundit. I consider the UN to be not much more than just another attempt by just another group (the Third World, in this case) to feather its own nest and seek world domination...whereas I suspect the Martinipundit's dislike of the UN comes primarily from the fact that it is not under the control of his beloved Genghis Bush, and is therefore not serving Bush's own quest for the aforementioned world domination. And before anyone accuses me of being a racist because of the above possibly perjoritive use of the term "Third World," I will emphatically state that I am not. Rather I am someone who observes that the desire to take over the world appears to be a universal human tendency, regardless of the ethnicity or point of origin of the person/s involved. So saying there's a UN conspiracy to take over the world is not in itself racist...because as I said, from what I've seen *everyone* wants to. Although I will say I for one do not. A substantially large amount of money would be nice, yes...but rulership of the planet would entail a beaurecratic nightmare on a scale I can barely begin to imagine...and I'm far too lazy to have any desire whatsoever for that sort of thing.