Friday, January 14, 2005

Moving in

I've moved over here from LiveJournal. Although the setup here looks rather more professional generally, the main reason why I've moved is because I wanted TrackBack support. Although I don't think Blogger has TrackBack natively, there's an add-on thing which I created a membership for a week or so ago...hallogen or something I think it's called.

Anyway, I'll be writing commentary on various things here, rather than simply replying to posts on Slashdot as I had been earlier. I also like commenting on politics.

A few other things I might as well get out of the way, so that those who aren't going to like my views anyway can have advance warning. I like to be courteous and considerate where I can. ;-)

I've been rated on various political spectrum sites as being a Libertarian Socialist...My score results usually seem to put me in a fairly similar area to Gandhi in particular ideologically...although I'm not sure how accurate that is because I certainly don't believe in pacifism in *all* instances...I generally only think conflict should be engaged in after a LOT of deliberation, though. But I'm definitely not the being of light he was (as you can probably already tell *grin*) and I don't actually want to be either, to be honest...I think I'd find it rather boring. I also consider myself well and truly a member of what the neoconservative movement has called the "reality based community." Sorry, guys. ;-)

I'm also not sure how much of the *Socialist* part of the LS term really applies to me either. I'd definitely describe myself as anti-authoritarian...enthusiastically so...but I don't really think of myself as enormously left wing. Then again, I've noticed that if you don't agree these days with the idea that corporations should be able to rape and pillage whenever/wherever they please, and to hell with the consequences, you're immediately labelled a foaming-at-the-mouth Marxist. So I guess I can't really win on that score.

The Kiersey test identified me as an INTP (Inventor). I'm also rated as an EAS (Explorer) by Richard Bartle's MMORPG test. And (for good measure, so that anyone who disagrees with my posts has some really juicy ammunition with which to make fun of me) my average IQ test score is generally around 150. Astrologically speaking (Western tropical, non-sidereal system) I'm a solar Aquarian in the 11th house with Moon in Capricorn in the 10th house, Venus/Chiron/AC in Aries, and north node in Libra in the 7th house. I might post a jpg of my chart from Astrodienst at some point if anyone's interested.

These factoids aren't necessarily meant as brags...the Lib Socialist datum and astrological stuff definitely isn't. It's more to help potential readers sketch out a mental image of who I am/where I'm coming from.

I was going to list in bullet form a more brief description of my interests so you'd know EXACTLY what to expect, but then I thought, where's the fun in that? It'll be far more gratifying for you to get drawn in slowly (hopefully) with less idea of what to anticipate. *grin* Besides which, what I'm interested in now isn't necessarily what I'm going to STAY interested in in the future.

I'm really interested in getting the Blog This button working for my browser, although I use Firefox so unfortunately I have no idea whether it'll work for me. Internet Exploiter still seems to be the universal standard these days for some inexplicable reason. The endlessly long arm of Darth Bill can be held responsible for that, I suppose. ;-)

Anywayz, I'm off to find out about that and get Trackback working. I really want Trackback...After all, what on earth is the point of verbally abusing someone unless you can then make them aware of it? ;-)